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Lesley Hunter, principal of Lesley Hunter Design is a Sr. Graphic Designer with over 35 years of experience. She has been creating graphics and marketing material for a number of well-known companies like Carollo Engineers, Enron, Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory, Chevron Corp., and Colliers International.

As a consultant, she was hired as a lead designer by Carl Selfe, Proposal Manager for several competition-sensitive proposals presented to the Department of Energy, and the US Defense Logistics Agency. In that role, she helped set up and staff a couple of projects with Carl and typically designed the look and feel of the proposals and presentations, as well as created information and editorial graphics.

For Enron, she helped develop the marketing/proposal department in Walnut Creek. After the notorious giant declared bankruptcy, she went out on her own and started developing small business websites, and supportive material.


Resume can be found here.

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