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Dressing Up The Old Apple Store

Updated: Jul 13, 2022

BH Development built and leases the Corners, a block of high-end retail stores and the Va de Vi Restaurant. When Broadway Plaza underwent a renovation the Apple Store acquired a new site, leaving an empty space right off of main street.

Brian Hirahara decided he'd like to cover up the 9' tall windows with art until he was able to lease it again. 9'x22' is a weird shape and we did not have anything that would work from our old project together - Living in the Creek. A little known secret garden and a koi pond is located just behind these stores in a courtyard. So, when I contacted Kahni Horton, the artist that painted the Koi from the original project. She offered to paint a new fit-to-size koi painting just for Brian it was her way of thanking him for being so generous to the art community.


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