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Public Art Walnut Creek

Updated: Aug 10, 2022

I had a client, Brian Hirahara of BH Development who was also on the Walnut Creek Arts Commission. He had a few visions that we worked on together. The first project, "Living in the Creek" was in initiative to put some artwork on a construction fence of his new building under construction at the corners of Main Street and Mt Diablo Blvd.

Right before Brian contacted me I'd been reading an article about Art Bridge, a group in New York that was putting fine art prints up on construction sites that were based on the neighborhoods where the construction site was located, so the residents might enjoy art that resonated with them, while suffering through the ugliness that is construction.

The theme of this project was "Living in the Creek". the nick name for Walnut Creek. Working with Walnut Creek Art Education Association a call to artists was sent out, to their artists and also to other local artists through the California Water Color Association and in response, a couple of hundred submittals were sent in, these were looked through by a committee, and 30 pieces were selected.

I took the fine art, had it scanned, I laid out into the ever changing dimensions of the project site, then even helped install the 6' x 350' banners when the vinyl arrived.

A second site became available and I repeated the same theme using artwork that couldn't;t fit into the first installation. below is out team of artists and friends installing Locust Street.

I had a vision for this project that was never realized. I had planned on re-purposing the vinyl into shopping bags and selling them at the Bedford Gallery. Sadly the installation stayed up much too long and became worn looking.


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