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FaceFirst Redesign in WIX

Amy Dryer Design - Graphic Interface, Lesley Hunter IA/Function.

FaceFirst provides facial recognition software to clients in retail, transportation, casinos and sporting events. So if you enter a busy shopping mall, transportation hub, casino or large event it's likely your face is being mapped and analyzed against a database of criminals. It's important to note, the company does not retain any of the information from its mapping. It's part of their Commitment to Privacy.

There was an existing WordPress website the client had trouble editing. We proposed a redesign in WIX with the addition of Ascend Business tools CRM. There is an in-house writer that can now go in and edit the content. The interface of the marketing person and the popup contact us box personalizes the communication.

There were some unique challenges met on this project. Last-minute client requests for additions like unique code to keep out non-business emails from the forms. A private members-only area so the client can walk potential clients through proprietary information, and they can log in themselves to revisit.

A Blog and a segmented News page that pulls content by category name. The Scrolling logos on the home page for Technology Partners and another "As Seen In."

Amy Dryer and Lesley Hunter have collaborated on several projects over a 20-year period. Amy also created the logo for Davis Central, the site, and the brochure with identity for Browman Development.


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