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Creating and Selling Merchandise for an Event

Updated: Jul 13, 2022

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Belgian Sheepdog National Specialty

The Pacific Northwest Belgian Sheepdog Club hosted the Belgian Sheepdog Club of America's National Specialty, an annual event where members get together and compete in: Conformation, Agility, Herding, Scent Work, Obedience and Rally. It lasts a week and involves a party, banquet, a silent auction for rescue, a seminar and other breed events with lots of dogs!

Belgian Sheepdogs have been a passion of mine for over 30 years (see my logo?)

I started my volunteer effort by winning the design competition for the logo, I had the idea of letting the dogs run wild with Mt Olympia in the background, most of the logos in the past have been these wonderful illustrations done by an artist that was not available this year.

From the logo the effort grew into doing the merchandise, I used Bonfire for print, there was a vendor for embroidery chosen by a vendor chair. She could not do hats this year, so I used a trusted vendor to do them on demand.

I created table cloth graphics for the Regional Specialty.

Then I did the web site. The BSCA already have a Wordpress site which is not a great platform, so I offered to do all of the work and update the site if it could be done in WIX. We launched a shopping cart for our various products from catalogs to the hats, posted the premiums, dates and times as quickly as possible.


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